Version 4 support

The last few days were filled with 'last-thing'-activities. The things that should be done before the big vacation starts. I have made the last exams of this year on Tuesday and Wednesday, they went reasonably well. Thursday was the last day at my work as an assistant-teacher at the Sint Aloysius, a Dutch elementary school.

But these are not the only 'last-thing'-activities. I have also fixed the lasts things for the SDF of version 4. All the files in the distribution of PHP4 are parsable by the SDF as of revision 58. A little note about the test-files from the distribution. I removed 1 file and others were sligthly adjusted. The removed file was a test for a parse-error. The adjustments I made were commenting out two small pieces of code. There pieces of code where not parsable by the distribution itself. For example, there is a file with an old_function declaration in the files for version 5. This seems to be incorrect because the parser-definition of version 5 does not have a token for old_functon.

Another thing that can be interesting is that I encountered some strange behaviour with the syntax for if-elseif-else-constructions. This involves the dangling else problem. But this problem is easily solved. The problem seemed to be solved by the standard way, but it reappeared when there was an extra line break at the end of the if-if-else-construction. This is eventually solved by adding an extra rule for empty else-if blocks, but this could be a bug in the SDF-parser.

So a lot of things are finished, but the real work is about the begin. Next stop: full PHP5 support!

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