A last post?

It took some time to actually post it here, but I am very pleased to say that the paper "Dependency Proļ¬les for Software Architecture Evaluations" by Bouwers, van Deursen and Visser has been accepted at the Early Research Achievements-track of the 27th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance.

Before dumping the abstract I want to confess that I have given in and created a twitter-account. As you might have noticed, my updates have been infrequently at best. This is mainly because it takes me a long time before I start writing. Let's see whether this twitter-thing makes this easier!

In this paper we introduce the concept of a “dependency profile”, a system level metric aimed at quantifying the level of encapsulation and independence within a system. We verify that these profiles are suitable to be used in an evaluation context by inspecting the dependency profiles for a repository of almost 100 systems. Furthermore we outline the steps we are taking to validate the usefulness and applicability of the proposed profiles.