Doing research

I have to do some research before I can start with the different phases of PSAT. Some of that research is relaxing and fun to do, an other part is quit annoying. Let's start with the first part. Since I want to add the possibility of providing feedback about code smells I have to find code smells to give feedback about. Besides the topic on GoT I start reading up on my subscription to PHPArchitect. I still had to read four issues, now two. You might wonder why this is fun to do. Well, I have a balcony with just enough space for a hammock and I have printed the issues. You can figure out the rest yourself.

But there was also a more annoying part. I have to divide the internal functions of PHP into three major categories:
  1. Functions that can return tainted data
  2. Functions that can untaint data
  3. Functions that are sensitive sinks
See the Terminology section of the Phase description for some explanation about the terms.
When I was going over the list I also made a list of functions of which the information should not go to the user. Such as functions that retrieve all kind of information about the system.

It is interesting to check out which functions PHP has, but it becomes less interesting when there are over 3500(!) internal functions. So I spend my day was with reading function-descriptions, but I have at least seen all functions. I will explain some more things about the categories tomorrow. I will also add some stuff to the tool that will make it actually use full :)

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