Setting up the working environment

Every project needs a working environment. I have installed all the software i need yesterday. The first thing is the nix distribution system. Installing the RPM is quite simple. Using the nix channel to install the software needed for stratego is a piece of cake. Stratego is, and I quote: "a framework for implementing software transformation systems". I have added a link to the stratego manual for the people that are not familiar with it and want to learn more about is.

A good working environment is not only the right software. The right hardware can brighten the day. Buying hardware certainly does that for me. So today I bought the LG 1917S, a 19 inch LCD monitor. It replaces my 8 year old 17 inch CRT monitor.

The next problem in line is setting up the repository. How many directories should be made, how should i name them and what should be put in it?

Application Details

I have added a link to my application to the links on the right. It can't be missed. Please feel free to ask questions about the application. If anybody has any good ideas about how the output of the application could be shown in an informative and clear way, please let me know.

I have taken the first steps to setting up my development-environment. Installed virtualPC2004 (can get it legally for free) and installed Fedora. For anyone who does not want to stare at a resolution of 1600*600, set the color-depth to "thousand of colors". It will save you a headache and about 2 hours of figuring out what is wrong.

The start

Welcome to my first blog-post. The reason for me to start this blog is
google's summer of code. I am one of the lucky people that is accepted into this program. My next post will show the application I will be working on in more detail.

This blog will help me to write down ideas and hopefully recieve some kind of feedback from people that are interested in the application. But I might write about other stuff as well. Simply ignore the things you do not want to know.

I will be writing in some form of English. This is a great way to practise my english. English is not my native language, so some sentences can contain errors. Post a comment or ignore these things please.

I will probably tell more about myself later on. This is all I wanted you to know right now.