I present, you present ....

Last week I was in Canada for the ICSM 2009 (combined with a very relaxing vacation btw) where I got to present my first paper of my PhD. The room was a filled with about 50 attendees and, even though I was a bit nervous, the presentation went pretty well. There where some interesting questions and comments, and even a small discussion that had to be taken off-line (which is now again on-line).

During the rest of the ICSM I talked to various people about the presentation and the paper and it seems that the topic certainly appeals to several people. Which is good to know since I think I will be spending some more time in researching it.

For those of you that are interested in the slides, please take a look at the slides page of the ICSM, or just follow the direct link.

To be honest, these slides are not exactly the ones I used during the presentation. I cheated a little bit by splitting a slide 22 in two slides, just so that you can actual see the contents of a table. In the original version there was an animation that removes the numbers before showing the crosses, but this behavior is not transferred to the pdf-version of the slides. I can tell you from personal experience that it will increase your blood pressure if you notice this when you are giving your presentation.

Anyhow, at least I learned now to check the pdf-version of my slides before I give I a presentation, just in case the laptop on which I made the presentation does not play nicely with the available beamer :)