Is he back?

It has been eight months since my last post to this blog. Also, the release plan did not work out as well as I had hoped. So what did I do in the intermediate months?

Well, I ended last year by buying me a 'real' house instead of renting an apartment. For us it is pretty large, currently even the cats have an own room, but this will probably change over time. Buying a house really helps you to spend your time since there is all sorts of paperwork to fill out, people to inform and things to pack. We moved in at the end of March and I think that we are currently at the point that every company we deal with knows that we had a change of address. The next objective is to unpack and store away everything that we moved. There are still some (closed) boxes standing around here and there.

During the time that we where preparing to move to our new house my (at that time) girlfriend and I where also organizing a very important event: our wedding. That is right, on April the 26th we got married! It was a wonderful day in which we did the things that we enjoy together with our friends and family. We got married, went to a movie and had a party at the home of our Scouts. Maybe not the most traditional wedding ever, but certainly one that we enjoyed!

Even during the buying of a house and the planning of a wedding one must keep on working, so I did. I learned a lot about how to do agile programming, how one can quantify the quality of software and how to be (even more) pragmatic.
Apart from the 'normal' work, me and one of my colleagues wrote a paper called Multidimensional Software Monitoring Applied to ERP. This paper is accepted at the SQM 2008. It was very nice to attend a conference as the author of a paper, certainly when the conference is held in Athens :)
Next to this paper, I also gave a talk at the J-Spring 2008, This talk, titled Putting Fluent Interfaces to the test, was about designing and using a Fluent Interface. If you are not familiar with this style of API-design be sure to follow the link.

So I bought a house, got married and enjoy the work that I do. I guess you van say I am really settling into society ;)

Unfortunately, this settling in has taken so much energy from me that I did not find the time to work on PHP-Sat. However, since I have found the time and energy to write this post, I should also be able to find some for the PHP-Sat-project again!