Pretty problems

Today was a wonderful and, for Dutch standards very, hot day. The fan in my room was pointing at my computer instead of me to keep the temperature of the processor at a decent level. So what has been done in this heat for psat? The pretty printer is somewhat finished! If you take a look at the parse-results you will see a lot of cool smilies. There are just some minor problems to be solved. A trailing slash at the end of inlineHtml and some diff that do not go as planned. Some of the constructors could also be printed prettier, but this is something that can always be done.

I decided to split the pretty-printer into three different tools. Just as the parser is, so one where you can specify the release and two tools for the specific releases. Consistency is always nice. I have also added constructors and pretty-print rules for the alternative syntax. The reason for this is that the same constructor could have children of different formats. This introduces if-then-clauses in the rewrite rules which are not really intuitive. With specific constructors I could also print the alternative syntax in the same way.

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