Adjusting the plan

Today was filled with some bug fixing and new ideas. I have fixed a few small things in the pretty-printer that caused the failure of test-cases test-cases. I admit, I was a bit optimistic yesterday. The results of the round-trip tests is looking very cool now, if you want to see a lot of sunglasses I suggest you take a look.

The new idea came from martin in his reply to the phases-description (which I will rewrite/improve tomorrow). The idea was to add other indicators for bugs to psat. Just simple things that can help developers to improve their code. One example of this is the usage of a variable that is not declared. This can great problems if register globals is on. Another example comes from the PEAR-coding standard for including files. Adding these use full remarks would turn PSAT into a PHP-equivalent of FindBugs, which has a long list with descriptions. Some of them also use full for PHP.

But I could not find lists of specific code smells for PHP. There are some general code smells that can be used, but I think there are more things specifically for PHP. So if you have any ideas about what a PHP-programmer should not do, or tricks that can improve the performance of PHP-scripts, please let me know.

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