Testing 3 4

I have added support for SUnit tests to the project today. This also includes some tests for the two patterns that where already in the tool. I have also added tests and the implementation for a style-pattern. This one has the code, you can probably guess it, S000.

It took me some time to get all the tests working and the compilation of the tools is not that fast. So I have the feeling that I am not making that much progress the last few days. But the adding of patterns an such should go a lot faster now because there is a method to do it. So I can focus on the implementation of the patterns instead of how to add them.

I have also send an email to the authors of the paper I mentioned yesterday. I hope to hear from them soon because I am reluctant to start the implementation of the phases. They should have a lot of use full information which I can use. I will wait until Friday and otherwise I will just have to start with the phases. So I will be adding patterns to the tool as fast as possible until Friday :)

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