Reflection support

Sometimes you have to reflect on something, and it is now even possible in php-front. The inspection of functions during a traversal was already possible, but the first implementation also retrieved all the functions within classes. Since these functions are not in the global scope this could result in some serious errors. So this is fixed and support is added for classes and interfaces.

To be able to do reflection in a analysis you have to create an environment and initialize it so that it contains all the functions. This is off course captured in some strategies so it is very easy. The only thing that you have to do is make a choice between an environment for PHP4 or PHP5. The grammar is split up in this way and I found it more cleaner to also separate the
environment. This is also use full when the internal functions are added to the environments. PHP5 has a few more of those.

The reflection library is constructed in the same way as the dryad-library. It is actually set-up in a OO-way. So there is a notion of an PHPEnvironment, which is abstract, and a PHPFunction, which is also abstract. Each version has his own kind of environment and function which makes it easier to reason about.

The only problem is the implementation of all this. It requires very careful thinking and precise notation. It is very easy to confuse some strategies and this can result in some long debug sessions. But luckily each part of the reflection is carefully tested, but that is normal right ;)

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