A new year, a new set of chances

At the end of the old year (or the start of the new year) there is usually some time to clean up the old stuff and get around to the things you keep postponing.

In my case, I finally got around to put the slides of my Landelijk Architectuur Congres (National Architecture Congress) presentation on-line. Currently the slides are in Dutch, but fortunately I got an invitation to present the work to an English audience. A nice chance (and 'stick-behind-the-door') for me to translate the slides.

And although it might be a bit late (the deadline is just around the corner), the new year still offers you a chance to participate in the Second Workshop on Managing Technical Debt 2011, to be held on the 23th of May.

It might be fun to try to explain what 'Technical Debt' is and why you should care about it, but I believe others already did this better than I could. So let me just point you to this post of Philippe Kruchten, which contains all the information and links you need to get started. Looking forward to your contributions!