Adding patterns

Today I have added the documentation of eleven bug patterns: C001, O000, O001, O002, O003, S001, S002, S003, S004, S005 and S006. You can find the description of each of the patterns here. Remember that each category has it's own prefix, so you will have to look within the directories.

I have also added the tests and implementation for patterns C001, O000 and O001. The patterns that are not implemented yet have [Not implemented] in their description. They will be added (hopefully soon).

Their was also some disappointment today. I received a reply from Christian who I had mailed yesterday. They can not share the research that they have done regarding the list with preconditions and type states. The algorithm has been put in the products of Armorize Technologies. Sharing the crucial part of your products is not a good idea for a commercial company it seems :)

But he gave me some pointers on how to start, so that is what I will be doing tomorrow morning. I will be having a meeting with my mentor about the set-up off the tool, but I think it is okay.

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