And what have we done today?

This morning I worked on the actual psat-tool. It parses a file (using parse-php), applies a strategy to the ATerm and pretty-prints it (using pp-php). The strategy it now applies is:
dangerous-variables = topdown(try(matchthing))

matchthing: Simple(_) -> Simple("foo")

So what does this do? It matches on a Simple-node and gives it the name 'foo'. This means that every variable ('$name') is renamed to '$foo'. Not really use full, actually quit bad, but it shows the power of what can be done. Two actual lines of code and all variables are renamed.

This rule will be deleted in the next commit because it is not use full. But what is use full then? I have asked the people at GoT and gotten some reactions. Still hoping for more feedback off course.

The other thing I worked on today was the specification of the phases. I had a plan two posts back but I rewrote it a bit after some feedback of my mentor. The result can be read here.

The last thing I did today, besides writing this entry, was making the pretty-printer simpler. I had a strategy that rewrote a list of statements, but the framework could do this for me. The cleaned up about 30 lines of code, which is always nice :)

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