Introducing eval-php

After spending a weekend in the woods, hearing a lot of information about the World Jamboree, I dived into the operators of PHP. Some of them could already be evaluated, but I wanted to add support for other operators as well. I have made a tool to check the evaluation and named it 'eval-php'. This tool is capable of evaluation a subset of PHP. It cannot handle control-flow (yet?), but it can support several operators on the integer, string, null, Boolean and float type. The following list of operators are supported: Small note about the arithmetic operator 'mod'. It has no support for floats until issue STR-630 is fixed.

This also means that the bitwise operators, error control operators and execution operators are not supported at this moment. But as said before, it supports a subset. Supporting the Error Control operator when there are no errors generated is a bit strange anyway.

It is fun to be able to evaluate thing, but it is even more fun to see things that are evaluated. So the tool produces evaluated output. This means that everything that is not within PHP-tags is outputted. There is also support for the 'echo' statement, so this produces output too. I have put a small test-file online here. The output of eval-php is available here, it can be compared with the real output of PHP itself here, take a look at the source of the page.
I think it is all pretty fancy :)

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