Speeding things up

There has been some major performance boost implemented today. The build and tests of the package took about 7 hours in the build farm, which is a lot. Even for Stratego standards and even if it is build on 3 different platforms. The problem was the processing of the test-input. A lot of small inputs are processed by writing it to a file, parsing the file and reading the result. This involves a lot of IO actions. So the inputs are not written to files anymore. This helps a little, but the major boost came with caching the parse tables. The parse-table is now opened once for every process instead of every test / input.

Splitting up

The project holds two libraries in it's source. The first library is php-front and holds a parser, pretty-printer, a reflection part and a set of common strategies. The other library holds the strategies that are used within PSAT. The PSAT-part depends on php-front. The base library can be useful for more libraries and will be branched from psat soon. It will be a separate package called, how surprising, php-front. It will be available here. You can also find a link there to the page that will be the home for php-sat. They will both be filled soon.
Note that the name has slightly changed. This is to prevent confusion with possible tools that will statically analyze Perl, Phyton, Pascal, PL or Prolog. The other reason is that psat.org was already taken. All the names will hopefully be updated as soon as the packages are separated from each other.

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