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I have done interesting things today, but they did not all involve psat. What I did for psat was the adding of a strategy "analyse-safetylevel" to replace the "annotate-sources" strategy. This strategy is set up in a different way to make it easier to add support for other constructs.

What I have also done for psat is changing the way safety types are combined. My first thought was to combine safety types if they have the same level. Variables can then have the safety types "escaped-html" and "escaped-slashes" at the same time. This is something one would expect.
However, combining safety types of other levels would results in variables that can have both the safety types "formatted-string" and "encoded-string", or even "object-type" and "integer-type"! This is definitely not desirable. So the only types that can be combined from now on are the types that are on the "escaped-something"-level. Writing this makes me realize that I will have to add some more terminology.

You might want to know what other activities I did today. If you are not interested you might want to skip this paragraph. I have had my first experience with compiling and installing PHP on my linux machine, a nice little laptop. Quit nice, but the real cool activity was a pair-programming session with my mentor. The commit-message of the result can be found here. And the module with my name in it is located over here. Always nice to have your name in a software package that you are using a lot.

I have also finished setting up my laptop as a development environment. This had to be done because I will be flying to Spain on Saturday. One and a half week of nice weather, a private pool and a lot of relaxing. I will be working on some things during my vacation, so don't panic :)

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