Thanks and progress

I think that there are many people with great ideas for projects. Most people do not get around to actually starting up these projects. It takes a lot of time which is usually not available. Without the Summer of Code I would not have had the time to start the project, let alone work on it for so many hours. Thank you Google!

The project would not be in his current state without my mentor. He helped me in setting up the development environment and automating the build- and test-process. Our meetings motivated me and helped me in keeping focused. I would recommend all (future) participants of the Summer of Code to meet with his/her mentor face-to-face, or at least in some interactive way. It helped me a lot, thank you Martin!

The following section is taken from my evaluation for the Summer of Code. I think it nicely summarizes the current progress of the project. The project has produced the following two libraries, together with tools to interface with them.

PHP-Front is a library with support for parsing and pretty-printing php, reflection of parsed sources, some generic traversals and a simple evaluation. This part is available as a separate package which provides a solid basis for transforming or inspecting PHP source code. I think that there will be more projects that are going to use this package for this purpose. One of the projects that I am already aware of is StringBorg.

PHP-SAT is the library that actually performs an analysis on the given source code. It tries to detect 7 bug patterns, more will be implemented later. It also check pre-conditions for functions and language construct to detect possible vulnerabilities. This last analysis will be improved over time.

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