One week later

I flew back from Spain yesterday evening, no problems with my luggage, and spend this day getting everything organized again. I had planned on going to Lowlands this weekend, but I have to skip it this year. But I will join the party again next year I hope.

But what have we done the past week. I have added a few patterns to the code:
The last one needs some work though, the rest of the function-names should be added to the list.

I have also spend some time on improving the pretty-printer. I have added unit-tests for the different parts (expressions, statements, documents) and made sure that things are consistent. An example of this is that every construct that has a list of expressions is printed in the same way. The expressions in the list are separated with a comma and a space. A small example:
 //used to be:

//is now
array($foo, $bar, $fred);

I have also made the strategy that extracts the safety-type build a default value of 'Safe()'. This makes the application more conservative because if it has no knowledge about a variable it will consider it to be safe. This should prevent a lot of false positives.

The last item of interest is a small document with some considerations about constant propagation and including files. The response to the user should show the code that the user has entered. So constant propagation should not be done on the current ATerm, but the information should be added to it. The only thing I could come up with is to add the information in an annotation. But if you have a better idea don't hesitate to comment.

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