straight to phase 4

The tool has upgraded from phase 2 to phase 4. This is the current phase that needs to be implemented. I will give a short sketch of what the tool supports at this moment, besides a hand-full of common patterns.

The tool is configured with a text-file of which some sections where explained yesterday. A default configuration file can be found here. This is definitely not complete, but it already produces useful results.
Two features are added to the configuration file. The first feature makes it possible to define a precondition for the language-constructs 'echo', 'die', 'exit' and 'print'. The syntax for this is:
 construct: construct-name (  precondition  )
The second feature is the possibility to define functions with a default level. This can be done in the '[function result]' section. The functions that are specified there are assumed to always return values with the specified safety-type. This is not limited to build-in functions, user-defined functions can also be assigned a default safety-type result.

But which results are produced? The following example shows two things that are supported right now:
< ?php

echo "hello ", $_GET['name']; //is flagged

print $_POST['param']; //is flagged

Keep in mind that the results depend on the configuration. These results will appear when the default configuration is used. A more precise configuration will give more precise results.

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