Naming the beast

Apart from the environment we need the repository to get things going. The repository will be located at my university since they offer basic svn repositories and that is all I need.

Creating the repository off course involves the naming of the thing. The name of the repository is not really interesting, but the project should get a name. It should include the fact that it deals with PHP, that is uses static analysis and it should be catchy. So if anyone can think of a good name please let me know. The only thing I could think of right now is PSAT, PHP Static Analysis Tool, but anyone could figure that out.

While you think you could look at StringBorg. This project is about SQL-injection in different languages, including PHP. The syntax definition of PHP that is used within that project will be the basis for this project.


Michiel Overeem said...

Euhm, let me think for a second......
SAFP (static analyzer for PHP), but maybe that's to german?

Where is Thomas when you need him?

Rusty said...

There is a grammar for php4 here:

Eric Bouwers said...

>There is a grammar for php4 here:

Thanks! There is also one from PHC:
Both will be usefull to get things completly right.