Testing 1 2

Just to let you know what is going on a little update. Parsing of (some) literals works quit nice and we already have full support for integers, floats and strings. The Heredoc format is a bit tricky and needs some more work. Heredoc blocks with two labels that do not match will also be parsed, but these should be rejected.

I say that we have full support for the above things, but there is already more that can be parsed. The above mentioned literals are the ones that are tested by the test suite that runs before the project is accepted at the build-farm. So everything else that is being parsed is not yet been tested. An example of a test is:
test hexadecimal integer 
"0x1A" -> LNumber(Hexa("0x1A"))
So the little things are already tested. This will give a solid basis for the rest of the parser.

To see the overall status of the parser, take a look at the output of parsing the test-files included in the distributions. The goal is to get a cool smiley after every file.

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