The quest for a mentor, success!

I submitted my application for the SoC to both Google and PHP. A few days before the results came in my application from PHP was moved to Google and the one from Google was ranked 'Ineligible'. Luckily, the other one, originally targeted at PHP, was accepted. But this one did not have a mentor. A few days ago my application was directed back to PHP again, but still no sign of a mentor. Yesterday I proposed to Google that someone from my university would mentor me since PHP did not respond to their emails. They accepted the proposal and the mentor.
So I proudly present my mentor 'in name': Martin Bravenboer.
Eelco Visser will also help with the mentoring part, but only one of them could be named as the 'real' mentor.

One of the things is really nice about my mentor(s) is that they know a lot about Stratego, I can drop in when I am in the neighbourhood and they have experience in setting up a nice development / distribution / testing system for a project. So today I dropped in and this resulted in a real kick start and all sort of goodies.

So, if you are interested in the commit-messages of the repository you should subscribe yourself to the psat-commit-mailing list. Of you are only interested in the discussions about the project subscribe to the psat-dev-mailing list. You can also look at the issues and the bugs to be solved you can take a look at the Jira-project of psat.(To be filled any day) But if you are interested in actually getting the source code take a look at the release page of psat. RPM's are also available for various distributions, nice isn't it :)


Michiel Overeem said...

Wow, are you actually using JIRA?
Is Martin restarting the server every day? :-)

Eric Bouwers said...

I think it does that automatically :)