Setting up the working environment

Every project needs a working environment. I have installed all the software i need yesterday. The first thing is the nix distribution system. Installing the RPM is quite simple. Using the nix channel to install the software needed for stratego is a piece of cake. Stratego is, and I quote: "a framework for implementing software transformation systems". I have added a link to the stratego manual for the people that are not familiar with it and want to learn more about is.

A good working environment is not only the right software. The right hardware can brighten the day. Buying hardware certainly does that for me. So today I bought the LG 1917S, a 19 inch LCD monitor. It replaces my 8 year old 17 inch CRT monitor.

The next problem in line is setting up the repository. How many directories should be made, how should i name them and what should be put in it?


Michał Kwiatkowski said...

What repository you use, CVS/Subversion/other? Tell more about your project, as this may affect your environment settings as well. What languages and tools you plan to use and where you plan to create the repository (Sourceforge/BerliOS/other)?

Michiel Overeem said...

And if you ever wonder what kind of names and naming convention to user: just contact Thomas :-)

Eric Bouwers said...

>What repository you use, >CVS/Subversion/other?
I will be using SVN.

>What languages and tools you plan to use >and where you plan to create the repository >(Sourceforge/BerliOS/other)?
I will be using Stratego/XT. See the links for an overview of what it is. The repository will probably be stored on the subversion server of our department. When it it finished it might go to SourceForge.

>And if you ever wonder what kind of names >and naming convention to user: just >contact Thomas :-)

Michał Kwiatkowski said...

According to the FAQ (Where must development occur?) you have to make your code public during the process, so that even if you don't complete your project, it would still be valuable to the community.

Eric Bouwers said...

I have added the link to the repository. Although it is hosted at my university, everyone can view/get it.