What is going on?

If you have been wondering about what is going on, here is the answer. I have attended a conference of the NLUUG last Thursday. I actually worked there to check badges, but I could also attend the talks that where given. The main reason for being at the conference was the change to talk to people that would probably be interested in PHP-sat. I gave a demo to some of the partners of madison-gurkha, which went well I think. They where introduced to me by Armijn Hemel, who has a brother (Tim) that works there. I already presented the tool to Tim last Monday and he seemed to like it too. He is even learning Stratego to be able to adapt the tool.

Armijn also helped me out with some typo's in the documentation and with testing the tool. He found some things that where not support by the SDF. Some of them where rather easy to fix, others require an update of Stratego or a post-processor for the parsing.

If you have checked the issue tracker recently you might have noticed things are a bit more organized now. I have added some milestones to be able to plan more. So you can check out the roadmap to see what is going on.

Another thing that is going on is the creation of a paper. I have to write a paper for the STC and Martin suggested that it would be nice to write for a real conference as well. I will try to get it published so that the project will get an even more solid foundation. But I will certainly talk about the project at the STC and maybe also at the Stratego User Days.

To conclude this entry with a cliffhanger, the logo for the project should be ready very soon!

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