Results from a meeting

Last Tuesday I went to Delft for a meeting with Martin after a long period of only communicating through email/IRC. Although these form of text-communication work fine a real-life meeting will make it easier to discuss things.

One of the subjects of the discussion was my paper for the STC. I already gave my presentation for this course, but finishing the paper was not an easy task for me. As you might have noticed it is quite a challenge for me to write a text in understandable English. When the text must also contain some formal definitions and clear examples the speed of my writings quickly degenerates. However, I still managed to put together a reasonable result. After we discussed which parts needed some modifications I improved the paper in the past couple of days. The result can be found at the new talks-and-paper-page on Please feel free to provide constructive feedback.
When you followed the link you might have also seen the new page for the PHP-Tools package. This package is now also build within the build-farm, thank you Martin, and available for download. If you have a cool idea for a tool please let me know via the bug-tracker.
Other topics that we discussed will help to improve the path-strategies for file-inclusion, improving the SDF-definition for HereDoc, develop more concise error-reporting and generating the priorities for precedence from the YACC-definition. I have worked a little on all of these issues in the last two weeks, but now I have better ideas to handle the problems I ran into.

A last topic of discussion was an idea I had for an algorithm to use in my thesis. This algorithm uses a set of allowed rewrite rules to ``guess'' the rule a student wanted to apply. I already wrote an example-scenario for my proposal, which is coming along great by the way, so after I reread this I will discuss it in a blog. I'll keep you posted.

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