The first presentation

The last three days where filled with only 1 thought:
                  Prepare Presentation

Every student that follows the master program at the Center For Software Technology has to give a talk as part of the Software Technology Colloquium. Students usually pick a topic that is researched by other people and present projects, ideas or tools that are the result of this research.

Since the ideas and concepts of PHP-Sat could be interesting for others as well, and since I already know some things about it, I started working on the slides and preparing the presentation. On Tuesday I practiced the talk and got some pointers on how to improve the structure of the talk. I gave the presentation today and it was actually fun to do. I was a bit nervous before I started, but after a few slides the story just came out very smoothly. So the first presentation of PHP-Sat was a success, on to the next one?

(For those who are interested, the announcement and the slides can be found here)

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