What's the deal with ... ?

What's the deal with the lack of updating of PHP-Sat?
The last few weeks were filled with all sorts of other interesting activities, at least for me. My days are mostly filled with doing research for my master thesis and writing my proposal. In the past two weeks my free time was filled with the SUD, the visit to Google and the Grammar Engineering Tools. So plenty of projects, but little time to work on PHP-Sat.

What's the deal with this thesis then?
The thesis is the final project/course I will have to finish before I graduate. I will do some research to validate a certain algorithm that will improve feedback in educational programs. A more detailed explanation of the subject/algorithm/approach will be put into a blog soon. It's a totally different subject, but still interesting for people in computer science as in education.

What's the deal with this Grammar Engineering Tools project?
As mentioned before, the paper that was the result of the project was already submitted. Some improvements are made and the tools are (going to be) updated. My work on this project was still in the interest of PHP-Sat though. We have gotten a great insight in which combinations of operators are valid and which are not. This information will be put on the web as soon as we have a reasonable format for it, so stay tuned!

What's the deal with those labels/link underneath the posts?
The new version of blogger allows you to have labels under a blog. I thought is would be nice to order the posts according to certain topics. People that only want to read about my thesis can look here, those that only want to read about PHP-Sat here. I hope that the people behind blogger will add a RSS-feed per label in the future, but I can only hope :)

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