Pimping my environment(s)

You probably already noticed that the blog has been pimped. I have adopted the quote that was mentioned at the SUD, updated the links, added the logo and an overview of all the labels. The blog now represents more of what it already was, a place to write about the projects I am involved in. And yes, me is also a project I am involved in :)

Apart from the blog I also updated the PHP-Sat website. There is now some documentation for PHP-Sat and the bug-patterns. The documentation of PHP-Front will also be updated soon. The last thing I have to do is writing the friendly and catchy welcome page, always a difficult task.

We are traveling further away from the project when I tell you that I also updated my computer configuration. You might recall that I used to work on a virtual machine, which tend to be a bit slow. So my current configuration is a dual-boot system with Windows2000 and Fedora Core 6 (default).
The documentation for setting up the working environment was more or less a guide for myself to get everything working again. It was definitely worth the work of backing-up all my configurations. A complete compilation of PHP-Front and PHP-Sat now takes 10m47s instead of the old 23m37s.

The last environment that I have pimped has nothing to do with any of the projects, except the me-project. I have cleaned my room and moved some stuff around. It is surprising to see how many useless things I had and how much space you gain when you throw them out. Although I am one of those people that believes in: 'everything you throw away will be useful the next day, my trust in this claim is fading away. It has been two days now and I still do not need the four, 10 centimeters long, lightsabers collected from cereal-breakfast-boxes.

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