Interesting things

I noticed that it was already a week ago since I wrote my last blog, time flies when one is having fun. So this week should go really fast because all sorts of interesting things are going to happen!

The first interesting event is going to be the Stratego User Days where I will be presenting PHP-Sat. This presentation will be a bit more technical then my STC-presentation, but it will also contain the more theoretical stuff (I think).

The other even that is interesting, certainly for me, is that I am going to Dublin next Monday. I will be staying there for three days and I am going to do at least two interesting things there. I am part of the GSoc-group that is going to visit the Google Office. Someone else who was going to come was Paul Biggar, one of the people behind the Phc. It is to bad that I cannot meet him to talk about some of the problems/choices/gizmos involved in parsing and transforming PHP-code. But I will be meeting the other two authors of Phc. I am really looking forward to this meeting, it's going to be very interesting.

I promise that I will write about all of these events, so don't worry about missing all this interesting stuff. I am even considering to subscribe to something like Flickr so that I can share some pictures with you, although I think that the SUD will be covered by Eelco Visser.

For those people that want to read about something that actually happened already I have a little Doh-anecdote. I spend a day working on PHP-Sat together with Martin to fix the last DoubleQuoted string-ambiguities. The problem was that there where some literals that kept breaking apart within strings that where used for regular expressions. The reason for this was a missing follow restriction, so we fixed it and where very happy with ourselves. So I took another look at the problem yesterday and noticed that there where still more situations that showed this behavior. After about an hour I realized that we already fixed this problem for HereDoc by writing out the allowed order of literals and escapes. But I can not remember why we didn't do this for DoubleQuoted strings, isn't that interesting?

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