One step towards a software metrics catalog

A little over a year ago my proposal was accepted in the Tiny Transaction on Computer Science. If you have not read it, the body of the publication is:

Unfortunately, such a catalog has not materialized instantly :(

However, last week we did take a small step forward during the Workshop on Emerging Trends in Software Metrics. During this workshop, Arie van Deursen presented our proposal for a Software Metrics Catalog Format. This format is specifically designed to provide a concise, yet meaningful overview of a software metric, while also showing the relationships a software metric has with other metrics.

You can read the complete description of the Software Metrics Catalog Format in our publication, but it is probably more appealing (and fun!) to visit our demo implementation using a semantic wiki hosted at

Naturally, all comments, questions, remarks and contributions to the catalog are more than welcome!

Update:If you want to use the format in a scientific publication, this LaTeX template might be helpful (thank you Joël Cox)!

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