Finish what you start ....

When I was young, my mother used to tell me that I should first finish what I started before moving to something new. I think this was mostly because in order to finish something I had to clean up the mess I made, but it's not a really bad rule to keep in mind I guess. However, even though I should first finish all my other projects before moving on, I picked up another project last week: getting a PhD.

Yep, as of the first of October my boss allows me to spend two days a week on doing research. This research is going to be (how surprisingly) in the field of static analysis and software quality. Our first research-topic is already starting to shape itself and I believe (how surprisingly) that it is going to lead to interesting results.

It might be nice to perform research, but in order to get a PhD you cannot get far without 1) good focus and 2) good supervisors. Luckily, I have a team of two supervisors that can certainly keep me focused: Joost Visser and Arie van Deursen.

In order to keep everybody up-to-date with the progress of the research, and to spend a little time in a more research-oriented environment, I will be traveling to Delft once a week. While last week was mostly filled with arranging a workspace, this week is going to be filled with giving a talk at the Research Colloquium. So if you have not heard my Fluent Interfaces talk yet, this is probably your last chance :)


Martin said...

Wow, that's exciting news! It's great to see that you'll have good supervisors. I hope you'll keep us up to date here about your progress. I'll be looking forward to your papers! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Good luck and keep us up to date!