My last words ...

... about my study that is!

After seven years of attending college I am no longer a student anymore. It still has to sink in a little bit, but I will probably get used to it very soon. It is quit confronting to transfer all of your (bank-)accounts to a non-student one :(


I defended my thesis yesterday morning in front of a crowded room. Although I was a bit nervous before the talk this feeling faded away when I started the presentation. I thought it went reasonably well and this was confirmed by my supervisor(s). Please allow me to thank Johan Jeuring and Jurriaan Hage for their time and effort to supervise me.

If you are interested in the final result of the thesis you can visit my thesis page, or just download the complete thesis here. The slides of my presentation can be found on this page. Even though the project is finished (in the sense that I am not obligated to work on it anymore) I am still interested in remarks and comments you might have.


And what do people usually do when they graduate college? Right, they take a vacation!

In my opinion I already had some vacation the past couple of weeks. I finished the major part of my thesis at the end of August, so in September I only had to integrate comments from my supervisors. This gave me lots of spare time which I used to relax a little bit.

Therefore, I took some time to found a nice job. After visiting several companies I decided to accept a job at the Software Improvement Group. During the interviews I got the feeling that this is a challenging job where I can learn a lot. Whether this feeling is correct is something that only time can tell us.
I will just wait and see what happens Monday morning!

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Martin said...

Congratulations with your new job! I'm sure you'll like it :)