Finished coding (?)

Monday was the day that I got back to working on my thesis. I spent the past few days coding and I think I am reasonably finished! The basics of the algorithm of the fourth phase are implemented, the GUI is updated with all kinds of small improvements and some documentation is written. The only coding that is left to do is making a solver for equations, a small todo compared to the overall work.

Now that the coding is done you might want to take a look at it. Unfortunately, the actual tool is not that nice to look at. Some people may like a command-line interface, but I guess most people prefer a graphical interface. Those that really want to run the tool from the command-line can do a checkout of the svn-repository, others can just visit the RFG web interface. There is some documentation available on using the interface, but you can always send an email to my gmail-acocunt with any questions. It would be great if you could just visit the test-page, make some exercises and send me some feedback about it.

I know that there are some things the in the GUI that can be improved, but I am mostly interested in whether the feedback helps you in solving the exercises. A correct step generates standard feedback which is not going to help you get to the answer. However, a step which contains an error triggers the algorithm of the third phase and gives more detailed feedback. Even though the feedback may be wrong sometimes, it is hopefully more useful than the message 'This step is incorrect'.

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Michiel Overeem said...

nice work :-) the application looks cool!