Downs and ups

Some weeks are filled with good things, others with bad things. For me, the last week was filled with both. My parents celebrated there 30th wedding anniversary, my little brother turned 21 and my last remaining grandmother passed away. You can probably figure out yourself which ones are good and which one is bad.

So the schedule of this week was a bit out of balance because of these events. However, I still managed to get some work done. The analysis for constant-propagation and the one for the safety-levels now share the same structure. This will make it easier to generalize the analysis into a more generic framework, something which will reduce code duplication.

I have also finished my thesis proposal which means that I can now start the real graduation process. The official start date will be on March 5th, next Monday. This process is suppose to take 22 weeks, in this case until the 6th of August. Since there are some other events in between it will take some additional weeks. However, this schedule still allows me to graduate before first of September 2007, the start of the new academic year and the end of my 5th year.

Unfortunately, people keep telling me that the changes on keeping this schedule are pretty slim. Each year, only 1 or 2 students manage to graduate within 5 years, the minimal amount of time for this study. A nice challenge I would say :)

Oh, for those who are interested, my thesis proposal can be downloaded from this page. Please let me know if you have any questions/comments.

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