Visiting Dublin

My girlfriend and I went to Dublin this weekend and we had a great time. We flew with Aer Lingus and stayed at the Jacobs inn. This hostel really relaxed and I can certainly recommend it to anyone who just wants to sleep low budget. We basically did some sightseeing and walked around town. On Saturday we went to Radio City Dublin to see the Heideroosjes, the coolest punk-band I know.

Radio City is a cozy basement with a bar, a stage and room for about 200 people. It looks professional, but they could improve the information flow about who is going to play when. When we asked which bands played that evening it took about 10 minutes and 4 people to tell us that they didn't have a clue. It all worked out fine though. Seeing the Heideroosjes in a place with only 20 people, half of them Dutch, was a bit weird, but they definitely rocked! We plan to see them again in the Melkweg on the 16th of March, hopefully with a bigger crowd :)

The weekend in Dublin has given me some time to think about the things I want to do this year. I have made up a little list of the most important things that I want to pursuit this year, a kind of (very late) New Year's Resolutions:
These goals are not very surprising, but they require some shift in my priorities. Let's see if I can be part of the 46% that keeps such resolutions after 6 month. I personally think that the last one will be the hardest one to keep :)

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