Not the only one

It is always nice to know that you belong to a group. I discovered this week that I am part of a large group of people that still works on their SoC project. It turns out that many people still try to work on their project, but at a slower pace. I am one of those people :) I am also one of the people that can walk around in a Summer of Code 2006 t-shirt (front,back), it arrived this week. But enough about bragging, let's talk about PHP-Sat again..

You will probably know already that Google has released Code Search, a search engine specifically for code. It turns out that it can be used to find vulnerabilities in PHP sources. The regexp for XSS due to echoing raw input, which is heavenly quoted on the Internet, gives around 7000 results. There are off course false positives in these results, but many of the results would be 'useful'. Could there be a better way to show that PHP-Sat is needed?

So I have been working on PHP-Sat and, more specifically, on the completion of the constant-propagation. I have rearranged the tests for the simple-evaluation. There used to be one big testsuite with over 450 tests on almost 3000 LOC. There are now separate testsuites for expressions, operators, primitives and so on.

Functionality is added in the sense that constants can now be defined and actually used. I have also begun with the implementation of references. The manual says that references are just pointers to the same memory location. I have mimicked this behavior by adding an extra step between a variable and its value. Every variable is rewritten to a 'variable-identifier', this 'variable-identifier' is rewritten to the actual value. Introducing a reference is now a simply introducing a rewrite from a variable to a 'variable-identifier'.

Oh, and I have also updated the implementation of pattern C002 to handle static function calls. Mmmm ... I should really put more time into those patterns.

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